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  • Housing Market Update – Eagan and ISD 196

    What Does the Eagan Area Real Estate Market Look Like? As 2018 Draws to a close, the local real estate market continues to see what many would call a seller’s market. There may be a shift in this market as we enter 2019 towards more balance.  This will depend in part on what the forecast […]

  • Eagan Spring Market Update

    2018 Spring Market Update – Eagan and ISD 196 While the snow is yet to melt completely in Eagan as of this writing, the real estate market is already heating up. As you can see from above, we are entering record territory for lowest level of listings with less than 450 new listings in February […]

  • Eagan Real Estate Market Update – May 2017

    Eagan, Minnesota Real Estate Market at a Glance Eagan is becoming a hot place to be these days. With the new Vikings practice facility taking shape to the new HyVee and Central Park Commons development off I-35E and Yankee Doodle, there is a lot of activity in the area, and the housing market shows it. […]

  • Getting the Home You Want in a Competitive Market

    For home buyers, especially anyone buying their first home, current interest rates are still extremely low, making now a good time to buy a home; but what if not every factor is in your favor? Specific price points, neighborhoods, or home types will be in greater demand at given times, and the current market is no exception. It’s […]

  • Money Saving Rebates Available for Minnesota Homeowners

    Whether you’re looking to purchase a home or already a homeowner, you probably are aware that things like property taxes or other expenses related to your home can greatly affect it’s affordability. As a result, homeowners (as well as potential buyers) are wise to consider ways to save on regular expenses or modifications to your […]