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  • Housing Affordability in the Twin Cities Metro in 2019

    As the frenzied pace of the 2018 real estate market began to catch up with fatigued buyers and happy sellers sorted through multiple offers, there was a shift in perceptions of what the coming year would bring. Today we take a dive into some of the factors effecting the residential real estate market in the […]

  • Housing Market Update – Eagan and ISD 196

    What Does the Eagan Area Real Estate Market Look Like? As 2018 Draws to a close, the local real estate market continues to see what many would call a seller’s market. There may be a shift in this market as we enter 2019 towards more balance.  This will depend in part on what the forecast […]

  • Hop in the wayback machine – what did it cost to buy a home in 1916?

    Here’s a fun one I saw recently – an ad from a 1916 Sears & Roebuck catalog for plans and materials to what is considered a two-story craftsman home.   How does it compare? Well, there’s a few different ways to come at this. Along with what is known about Sear’s Roebuck homes from this […]

  • Drone Photography for Real Estate Listings

    When selling a home, there are traditional ways, and non-traditional ways of letting people know your home is for sale. When working with clients, I always consider the most memorable ways to create more interest in your listing by buyers. The end goal is always to get people to actually visit your home and make […]

  • Eagan Real Estate Market Update – May 2017

    Eagan, Minnesota Real Estate Market at a Glance Eagan is becoming a hot place to be these days. With the new Vikings practice facility taking shape to the new HyVee and Central Park Commons development off I-35E and Yankee Doodle, there is a lot of activity in the area, and the housing market shows it. […]

  • May 2017 Market Update – Twin Cities Real Estate

    Twin Cities Real Estate Market Update – May 2017 Weather-wise it’s been an interesting spring – beautiful sunny days, and a number of wet ones too! It’s been no-less interesting in the Twin Cities Real Estate market and records are being broken in a few areas. Let’s take a look at some key statistics and […]

  • Top Home Trends for 2017

    Every few years, the tastes of homeowners and buyers shift; what was one in-style and in high demand, becomes less so. ┬áIn a recent poll of Realtors done by Builder Magazine, the following trends were most reported. While it may not be cost effective to add a basement with 9-foot ceilings to your 1924 South […]

  • Welcome to our new site!

    For 2016, we’re excited to announce a new website, logo and a more robust property search engine than ever before. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to our clients and the quality service you’ve come to expect. Look for detailed information coming from our blog regarding buying, selling and real estate topics as well as […]