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  • The Twin Cities Real Estate Market at a glance – 2022, 23 and beyond.

    As I write this entry, winter seems to finally have descended on our part of Minnesota. Along with our economy, the real estate market in general has been a topic on many people’s minds. There’s a lot to unpack here as it relates to your home’s current value as well as where it will go […]

  • 2020 Eagan Apple Valley Rosemount Housing Outlook

    2020 ISD 196 Housing Market Outlook With 2020 well under way, I wanted to take some time and assess the last year and look ahead at this year. Today I take a deep dive at what has happened in the past year and what is likely to come. Here are my predictions for the Eagan, […]

  • January is Radon Awareness Month

    If you have bought or sold a home in the last five years, you have probably had a discussion regarding Radon. As a refresher, radon is a naturally occurring gas that enters homes through the lowest rooms, and it is odorless as well as a colorless. The problem with this is, it is also the […]

  • What’s an iBuyer and why does it matter?

    The Promise of an Easier Way In recent years, our market has seen a growth in new providers in real estate services that promise to sell your home without the headaches. Whether it’s an unfamiliar company name on a sign, ads on the internet, or even a local broker or agent promising sellers a guaranteed […]

  • Listing your home, give it a “Awe” moment!

    The “Awe” Moment starts with Curb Appeal! “Awe” moment, curb appeal, make your neighbors envious of your home prior to listing it for sale. Homeowners are responsible for the quality of their home with the maintenance and care that they provide for the building throughout the year. Every home requires a specific amount of upkeep […]

  • Creek Realty – A Boutique Style Agency

    Boutique Style – Creek Realty When I say Creek Realty is a boutique agency that specializes in catering to our clients, you probably want to know exactly what that means. I’m happy to tell you. Boutique: exactly what makes Creek Realty a step better than the rest. You’ve probably noticed, there’s a big difference between […]

  • Housing Market Update – Eagan and ISD 196

    What Does the Eagan Area Real Estate Market Look Like? As 2018 Draws to a close, the local real estate market continues to see what many would call a seller’s market. There may be a shift in this market as we enter 2019 towards more balance.  This will depend in part on what the forecast […]

  • Eagan Spring Market Update

    2018 Spring Market Update – Eagan and ISD 196 While the snow is yet to melt completely in Eagan as of this writing, the real estate market is already heating up. As you can see from above, we are entering record territory for lowest level of listings with less than 450 new listings in February […]

  • 2018 Housing Market Forecast

    Buyers and sellers found 2017 to be an interesting year in Twin Cities Real Estate. During the spring we saw competition on many price points, especially those under $300,000. Buyers encountered multiple offer situations for in nearly all neighborhoods of the Twin Cities. The average sale price for a home has had a steady climb […]