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  • Combating High Energy Prices In Your Home

    You don’t have to go far to find discussion about high energy prices for the winter of 2021-22; Many news outlets are reporting double digit increases in natural gas prices (CNBC, US EIA, US BLS) and electricity for the US. The bottom line is you will likely see an increase in the cost to heat […]

  • How to properly set and maintain a whole home humidifier

    With the weather in the Midwest turning cold quicker than normal this fall, many people are turning on their furnaces. In my experience, more than half of homes sold in the greater Twin Cities metro are also equipped with a whole-home humidifer (often known by the brand name “Aprilaire”). If you did a home inspection, […]

  • Making the Switch to Battery Powered Lawn Equipment

    In the past couple years, battery-powered tools for yardwork (also called Outdoor Power Equipment / OPE) have become increasingly popular. If you’ve been into a big box hardware store, you’ve probably seen a futuristic leaf blower or even a riding lawnmower and wondered to yourself whether it was worth the fuss. In short, the answer […]

  • January is Radon Awareness Month

    If you have bought or sold a home in the last five years, you have probably had a discussion regarding Radon. As a refresher, radon is a naturally occurring gas that enters homes through the lowest rooms, and it is odorless as well as a colorless. The problem with this is, it is also the […]

  • Organics Recycling for Twin Cities Homeowners

    Organics Recycling for Twin Cities Homeowners

    Are you tired of trash? In our house, we sure were; especially around holiday times when the trash bin seemed close to over-filled. Many homes already recycle plastics, metals and paper(though we can all do better it seems). The problem for many households is the perception of extra effort to reduce waste. One area that’s […]

  • How to Protect Your Home In Cold Weather

    As a Minnesota Homeowner, we’re usually due for a formidable cold spell at least once a winter. Homeowners are sometimes caught off guard by this, whether through procrastination or just a busy life. There’s a lot of preventive maintenance that can help if you took your time earlier in the season, but now that we’re […]

  • Listing your home, give it a “Awe” moment!

    The “Awe” Moment starts with Curb Appeal! “Awe” moment, curb appeal, make your neighbors envious of your home prior to listing it for sale. Homeowners are responsible for the quality of their home with the maintenance and care that they provide for the building throughout the year. Every home requires a specific amount of upkeep […]

  • Sump pump dangers!

    Sump pump dangers!

    Sump Pumps When sump pumps were first installed, little attention was paid to the cover itself. Which makes sense: who cares about a little water in the bottom of the basket? Especially when the problem being solved by the sump pump was a flooded basement. Sump pumps for the record: “A sump pump is a […]

  • How safe are your smoke detectors REALLY?

    When buying a new home, many people change the locks after they move in, check and replace the furnace filter, and sometimes they update the smoke detectors. Small things like this make us feel safer in our home, but are you really sure you’ve made the right choice to protect your family? How safe are […]

  • How to Select a Contractor for a Large Home Project.

    Sometimes you need to spend big money on your house. In the case of a storm it may be paid by insurance, but sometimes, you need to replace an aging mechanical system or other part of your house and the responsibility is all yours. It can be intimidating to go through the process of selecting […]